Puppy Sales Contract

All our puppies are sold with a puppy contracts.

This is to ensure the welfare of the puppies and the Chihuahua breed is protected. 

We give all new owners a contract of sales and should you choose to buy a puppy from us we would require you to sign that you agree with the sales agreement.

Please see a copy of the contract below.

Puppy Sales Agreement / Contract

Our goal is to produce a healthy and structurally correct puppy with a "True Golden Temperament" we personally look to place our puppies into homes where they are going to be in the house and part of the family.  Whether they are being placed as show dogs or as a family companion our goal is to breed the temperament and character that best suits this life style, gentle, friendly and easy going but we also strive for a temperament that will be versatile for the show, obedience and/or work.

KC Name ____________________________________
KC Ref Number  ______________________________
Date of Birth  _________________________________
Breed ________________________________________
Sex  _________________________________________
Colour _______________________________________
Sold for /Price  ________________________________

Microchip No__________________________________

This is to confirm that the sale of the dog described above (‘the Dog’) has taken place between:-

THE SELLER(S)                          THE BUYER(S)
Name______________            Name_____________          
Address                                     Address


Post code___________          Postcode_____________ Telephone __________          Telephone ____________
Mobile _____________           Mobile  _______________
E-mail ______________
          E-mail  ________________
Your new puppy has been bred and reared with the utmost love and care to every detail. These points have been drawn up to maintain the quality both in your puppy and in the Chihuahua breed. 
We have taken every effort to ensure that your puppy is healthy in body and mind, and is believed to be in good health and is sold in good faith. And is sold subject to it being understood that as a living creature it is impossible to predict how it will continue to develop, especially as regards behaviour over which you will have the principal influence.

Every effort has been made to avoid any possible inherited conditions. They are typical examples of the breed, with excellent temperaments.

We advise that you take your puppy to a Veterinarian in the first few days for a health check, and to make arrangements for inoculations.  Should there be a health problem not attributable to its journey home (travel sickness) or change in food or water (tummy upset), and this renders him/her unfit for sale as a companion, a full refund of the purchase price will be made on production of a Veterinary report and the puppy must be returned to us within 7days of purchase and must be in the same state of health as when it was sold.

We also advise you to attend training/socialisation classes with this Puppy. It is advised that these are carried on for at least two years to ensure a well socialised and trained Chihuahua.

Under Kennel Club Regulations we have placed two endorsements on the puppies KC Reg to ensure that the welfare of your dog and the breed in general is protected.

These are:
      A. Progeny not eligible for KC Reg
      B. Not eligible for issue of export pedigree.

We would consider lifting one or both of these endorsements upon fulfilling the following criteria as it has been recommended that your pup's pedigree is endorsed with a Kennel Club Export Restriction, to prevent export to parts of the world where standards of canine care are low. We will happily remove this in the case of the owner moving abroad (emigration of the family) or for showing purposes.

Additionally, in an attempt to prevent puppy farming, a breeding endorsement is also in force.  These are to safeguard the welfare of the puppy and the breed.  Should you wish to breed from your puppy in the future, If i feel your chihuahua is suitable and that you will be a responsible breeder (under my descression) then i will apply to the 'Kennel Club' to lift the breeding restriction, subject to your chihuahua being over 2years of age (the correct age to start breeding) for the bitch and 1year for the stud.  

If through unforeseen circumstances it becomes necessary that you the purchaser/s need to find your dog a new home, we would like to be first informed – and if we request return the dog to us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us as we may be in a better position to find the RIGHT new home, this would normally not entail any refund, but we will offer every reasonable assistance to find a new home.This applies throughout the dogs' life to ensure that none of my puppies end up in the wrong homes.


I hope your puppy will be a valued member of your family for a long happy healthy lifetime.  Please keep in contact, and let us know how the pup is doing, we love them as much as you do. And would love to receive updates / pictures throughout the dogs life.




I/We confirm that I/we have read and had a full explanation of all the detail and meaning of the contract prior to purchase and I/we fully understand its purpose and reason. I/We also confirm that I/we are purchasing this Dog for myself/ourselves and not as agents for a third party.  

SIGNED (Purchaser/s)  ___________________________  Date:                           



SIGNATURE OF BREEDER./S:  ______________________________________

I confirm that I am/we are the breeder of the said Dog

Mr + Mrs. Matthews   Date: ____________




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